Curriculum vitae

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Skills: C++/C, CoreJava, J2EE, Oracle DB, Unix/Linux, Golang

Professional (Work Experience)

Software Engineer at Manhattan Associates
  • Role: Development and maintenance of WM (Warehouse Management) part of SCM (Supply Chain Management) product.
  • Worked to bring down the number of issues effecting Inventory Management module of WM.
  • Took part in Dev-Integration & build verification/testing of the latest version of SCM product to be launched.
Assistant System Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services
  • Currently working on Support and Development of TCS Bancs, an enterprise banking application designed in Java/Oracle.
  • Have worked on application support & development, wherein applications are built on C/OpenVMS platform. The major work that was done involved maintenance of the application (called Equity Margining System) written in C. Was involved in code changes and adding new functionality.
  • Previously was in Intensive Learning Program (C/C++/Unix/Oracle and CoreJava) conducted at Trivandrum Center.

Trainee at BitWave Solutions
  • Worked on converting an already built ERP based on ASP model to SaaS (Software as a Service) model.
  • During the project entire ERP was remodeled to accommodate multitenant architecture. Application was built using and MS SQL.

Trainee at Tata Consultancy Services
  • Worked on development of Web-Application for an NGO which were part of TCS internal program called Maitree. (SPARC India LKO)
  • Web-application was developed using

Open Source Projects

Pegasus hosted at
Yet another simple and lightweight blogging platform designed on Python/django/mysql.
URL to repository pers3us/pegasus
$ [email protected]:pers3us/pegasus.git


A new version written in Go is on its way. A pre-alpha version can be downloaded from here.

Academic Projects

Simulation of Snoop Protocol using Omnet++ Simulator
  • Simulation of SNOOP protocol on multiple simulation platforms, namely Omnet++ and NS2
  • Well versed with the programming involved in these simulations
  • Project work was appreciated for its fairly accurate outcomes.

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