I am a developer and a part time freelance blogger. This website is my latest incarnation and a way to enhance my skillset and also to spread my reach further.

My passion is technology and my favourite passtime is cooking. As a person I am helpful, jolly, down-to-earth and ambitious. One can also find a hint of philosphy in me, as I am a big fan of Paolo Coelho.

As far as my profession goes, I graduated from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology and currently my employer is Unbxd Inc.

Work Experience

Unbxd Inc. ​- ​Team Lead & Engineer

  • Hosted Search Platform. A platform on which the hosted pages for clients are deployed. The idea was to provide clients an easy and effortless alternative to tedious integration step, by hosting the search web page on our end. platform is developed using Go & Mysql.
  • In-House Scheduling System. Designed and developed a distributed scheduler to handle multiple processes/jobs. Concurrency was the key factor. Application was developed in Go. (http://golang.org). It replaced our existing scheduling system designed on top of Celery.
  • Feed System. A interface between client and search servers. Search servers require data from client, and before it is consumable it needs to be validated and translated in our format. This system acts as an interface in between and performs validation and translation.
  • Search. Our search system is written on top of Solr. Role here was to maintain and manage our existing system and add new functionalities.
  • In-House Website Crawler. To demonstrate the capabilities of our search product, we use UI and data from the client for whom we are doing the demo. To aggregate the data we needed a system which could quickly crawl the website, and generate the feed in our format. This application was built with speed in mind and works way faster than currently existing alternative like Scrappy, and is developed completely in Go.
  • Reporting Service - Analytics. We use Elasticsearch to generate aggregated data for reports that are displayed/downloaded from our dashboard. The data generated by ES is not consumable by dashboard, so this system was developed to fetch ES data, aggregate with other metrics generated by Cassandra and expose it as API endpoints. (Developed in Python/Django)
  • Multiple small projects like Python Library that is used to generate feed in our format, intermediate response modifier that runs in front of search servers etc.
  • Search plugin for SpreeCommerce Storefront (https://github.com/unbxd/Spree-UNBXD-Search).

Parablu Systems​ - Product Engineer

  • Modified & remodeled lots of API’s which are part of back-end to work well with the new AJAX based approach. Enhanced the frontend to perform accordingly.
  • Wrote HTML5 app (for Android and iOS) from scratch using AngularJS/Phonegap

Manhattan Associates​ - Software Developer R&D

  • Developed and maintained multiple versions of WM (Warehouse Management); a part of SCM product
  • Was responsible for addition of many functionality/performance tuning for the recent iteration of the product, a noteworthy one is the completion of entire warehouse operation in one go. (Whole operation took around 5-10 minutes depending on load (approx: 10k LPNs) to around 30 secs)

Tata Consultancy Services​ - Assistant System Engineer

  • Took part in customization the existing TCS Bancs application (a financial platform developed by TCS) to be used with a new stock exchange. (Client: London Clearing House)
  • Enhancement & maintenance of an existing module written in C++/VMS that dealt with clearing equities (EMS: Equity Margining System).

Languages & Technologies

Proficient​: Go, Java/J2EE, Python
Intermediate​: Javascript (jQuery, AngularJs), PHP, C/C++, Node JS
Familiar​: Ruby on Rails

Internship & Academic Projects

Simulation of Berkeley’s SNOOP Protocol (Research Project)

Simulated the issues caused during wireless data transfer and found how this can be rectified using SNOOP protocol. (Omnet++/ns2 simulation)

BitWave Solutions, Kolkata (Intern)

- Converted an already built ERP Solution on Application Service model to Software as a Service model. (Period: 6 months)

Tata Consultancy Services (Intern)

Worked on development of Web-Application for NGO for TCS’s Internal Program called Maitree (Period:1.5 month)


  • B.Tech from Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim (6.9 CGPA)
  • AISSE – DAV Khagaul (93.8%) , AISSCE – DPS Bokaro (70.2 %)